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How-to use


Shift or workday are divided in to 5 simple steps. 3 main cycle steps and 2 one time steps.


Scan your ID at workplace
circle-1 Register by reading personal bar-code ID or RFid tag using itegrated reader
Scan task bar-code
circle-2 Bar-codes can be used for task ID, or you can feed list of tasks directly to any workspace using zetaCloud application
Prepare equipment and materials
circle-3 Time interval from task activation untill first cycle detected are regisered as preparation time
circle-4 Work begin when first signal detected. After current task complete, if there are more tasks, repeat from step 2, othervise execute step 5
End of work, lunch or short break
circle-5 Scan relevant bar-code
* If shift time not ower, the employee should go to another workplace and start from step 1



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Why waste time on time-tracking when our automated system can do it for you? Our time-tracking system will allow you to maximize every minute of your work life, giving you full control over who is on the premises and how they are using their time. Track your employees' working hours, increase efficiency in work processes, and gain accurate insights into how time is spent on the job.

This short video will show you 3 basic steps and explains basic functionality.

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Measure employee activity and estimates time waste


Wasting time
45% are forgotten
Incorrect data - wrong decisions
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Register exact work time, task preparation time for workflow analysis ins optimization.


Hindsight estimates are just about worthless until final results can be measured and compared.

  Planning, controlling and optimizing  based on incorrect task times reduce profit.




zetaScout solution will assist you to:



  • Ensure monitoring of ALL workplaces involved in product production with minimal employee distracting factor

  • To show you how fast source materials get in, and finished production comes out, and give you instruments helping to reduce total production time

  • Show detailed map of each product manufacturing sequence and time-line

  • Display upcomming tasks sequence to each workplace and show ways how to spread it

  • Register personel activity, and record ammount of work done in each workplace by each employee, even if work places are not constant


  • Collecting of distorted or inaccurate data from workplace

  • Distracting employee in progress of collecting workplace activity data

  • Leaving "grey" areas that do not account for the workplace associated with the entire product manufacturing process

  • Find next bottle-neck just to find next bottle-neck. ( Most important step in production chain must be identified first )

  • Wrong personel productivity accounting results by innacurate collected data


How it works


ZetaScout - how it works



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